"Thoughts and Wishes" an essay by Red Coyote Singer

Fighting against insanity in a schizophrenic society seems to be our function and duty as

we take on the responsibility of protecting the lives of our families, people and the

sustainability of the environment around us . The reality of life seems to have been lost to

the people that are now in the position of setting the manner of living that we now

experience . Throughout the generations amnesia has set in as to what a human being is as

a species in need of the natural world . The changes throughout the years have taken their

toll on the minds of people that have given into the living concept of man over nature .

The concept itself is a self destructing illness of the mind . Peoples¹ ability to accept the

natural order of life has been lost to the creations of dysfunctional thought processes .

What passes for thinking and living is the way that we conform ourselves to the man made

images of what life is and the laws that go along with it . Instead of living as human beings

a world has been created that is fear driven with interchangeable laws suitable to the

urgent need to cling to the dependence that has set in . We can choose to look at this

battle for a continual life as one of changing laws, regulations or legislation but what will

have been done about the real problem ? Accepting the continuance of dysfunctional

behaviors only allows the illness to continue . Society today seems to be in a cycle of

feeding off this dysfunctional way of living . Politics organizes peoples values and life

ways but which of the two is the cause of the problem, people or politics ? Are peoples¹

values and living arrangements making politics or is politics making peoples¹ living and

values ? Where is the sanity ? In light of this psychotic manner of living we must look to

alternative ways of living and relating to each other and the world around us,

acknowledging the misconceptions that are shaping the world and the lives of each and

every one of us . We must look for guidance outside of the existing system because there

can be no working solution within that system . Too much confusion sets in trying to fix

the problem while allowing the problem to continue because of the living that people have

become accustomed to . We are going to have to go back to the natural way of life if there

is going to be a world here for the grandchildren of those of us living today . If we can

recognize the dysfunctions within the system of todays society and find the bravery and

strength to face them, step back into simple and cooperative living, we can begin working

on what we will leave here when we no longer walk the earth . The natural life will never

comply with societal living today so we must comply with the natural life and natural laws

We must detach ourselves from the venomous snake that has come to be called society

because we give our strength and power to it so it grows and we become the victims for

choosing to feed it . The truth of our struggle is evident if we choose to honestly look at it

It seems that people are content with screaming and hollering out their frustrations about

the problems that are leading us down a path of self destruction . Focusing our energies on 

the sheer power of human knowledge itself will get us nowhere . There are clear and

obvious signs that are telling us that people are going to kill everything if these signs are

not acknowledged and listened to . There is a valuable lesson here for us to learn about

society¹s unharmonious living . Struggle and conflict are necessary factors in our learning

and growth if we are to become a well functioning species . Rather than acknowledging

this people continue to bang heads like stooges . What good does it do us to continually

fight with ourselves about these things ? Society has created a way of living that is in

conflict with the natural order of life and we are being shown this but we must open our

eyes and focus our attention on our commonality that we are all dependent human beings

and not independent as society would have us believe . At certain points in history there

are terrible things that have taken place that have formed our world today . Instead of

looking at them as a step off the natural path of which we are to walk people seem to have

only looked at them as singular events . The creation of the A Bomb is a very good

example here . This is just pure insanity . Once this was created societies have functioned

on fear and they all raced to have their own bombs . How has society perceived its¹

experience of this event . It seems that the process of perceiving this event leans more

toward how it helped or hindered mankind¹s ³destiny² of becoming ruler of the land or

master of the universe . There is a saying that man is a pigmy that thinks himself a giant

and it seems to fit this situation . The events that society has experienced need to be

examined in another manner other than egotistically or in the context of national interests

because those interests are far from being natural and sustainable if we look at the terrible

things that have taken place in the past . We are the products of the past and we must

understand our experience of it or we will continue to make the same mistakes . Reflection

and change must occur and we must reflect on our beginnings as a natural species . We

cannot think ourselves above the natural order of life because it is that mentality that has

gotten us here . There are countless numbers of people in society that are working hard to

find a way of preserving and conserving what we have today . How is it though that so

many people can be of one mind and heart yet so separated ? It is the nature of the game

that is laid out for them to play . Divide and conquer is the rule . We must protect our

minds from that kind of systemic brain washing . It seems what we have here is the

venomous snake telling us we can¹t do that . We need to ask why ? If we are to change we

need to reflect on the nature of the game we have been playing . Governments would have

us abide by the rules of this game so that it is continued which again is the dysfunctional

cycle being enabled . If we let them manipulate our minds into believing this then we will

continue down the same path . The power of what we think about is an awesome thing

because we become what we think about . If we think in ways that the government would

have us think then we will be fragmented and weak . We need to naturalize our minds in

the true sense of naturalization 

. © Red Coyote Singer

Nuclear ? NO ! A Pilgrimage by Corrine Carey 

Heading West has always meant life-changing adventure to generations of Americans. It still does for the Nuclear Age, for
those of us now dedicating our lives to my four grandchildren and theirs and theirs... with
a new awareness of one water, one air, one Mother Earth, however we may term its
creation. Several Michiganders tried to arrange to go along on this pilgrimage to the
Nevada Nuclear Test Site at Nellis Air Force Base 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas and
its Hoover Dam neon sparkle. "We" became this grandmother videographer from Grand
Rapids, and Kathy Barnes, mother of teen age sons, an artist photographer activist from
south of Battle Creek, and John Shumaker, poet professor at University of Iowa, returning
to one of his many marches for Peace. We visited acquaintances along the way: colleagues
in Boulder Colorado, Amnesty International directors on their snowy mountain with their
carousel-refurbishing critters, ruffed grouse advocates in a burgeoning ski town, a grad
student heading for Peru's ancient raised-garden efficiency agriculture, a desert
animal-rescue center. Along the way we discussed and gave out information on some of
the current nuclear issues: exploiting of a destitute small band of Goshute people by the
Michigan DC Cook nuclear company in coalition for a "temporary" private radioactive
waste dump site in their sacred Skull Valley "until Yucca Mountain opens" -- indicating
that neither nuclear industry nor governmental Department of Energy intends to respect
the tauted "sound science" already seriously questioning that -- or any -- underground
radioactive storage for the inadequate 100,000 years proposed. The very transport of our
uniquely defined "high-level" wastes risks inevitable catastrophe, over 43 states and many
routes. ALL responses included "What are ya' gonna do?" and "we(?) gotta do
something." and hopeless head-shaking at more nuclear. Of course, our answer of "Stop
making it -- yesterday" seemed facetious, but is now an urgent national debate. And "keep
it on-site" until Science truly finds a safer answer -- with makers liable(!) -- is another pile
of loaded issues. Some of them were pointed out by the many German and Japanese
travelers touring Grand Canyon and the ancient Mesa Verde. We arrived at the Test Site
Camp under the desert stars, bunked at the First Aid, and set up our own tent next day
among the 100 or so scattered over the stone-strewn spaces between the sage and
tumbleweed. Assurances by the many experienced campers were that any resident snakes
had temporarily relocated, and Kathy told me only 2 days later of the scorpion she
dumped from inside our tent. Otherwise, only colorful quick lizards scuttled away.Desert
sleep was cool and deep. Hundred degree days were hardly noticed in the shade of the 4
large tents: kitchen, registration, workshops and Atomic Cafe with organic
snacks,perpetual discussions, books, Info Exchange and lots of tanked-in water. Kelp
seaweed and miso soup were among constant anti-radiation foods available. Each morning
Shoshone Leader Corbin Harney's drum gathered us to greet the sun and give thanks for
all Earth creatures and creations. We were even given special permission to videotape
these sacred ceremonial circles for our GRTV broadcasts back home "to get out the
message that we must come together world-wide in respect to our Mother Earth and unto
Seven Generations -- the seeds of all Tomorrows". Another new awareness for us
First-Timers is the long Native American/United States trail of Treaties between sovereign
nations, yet perpetually made and broken, by my country. The Western Shoshone people
insist that their Newe Sogovia, these lands in Nevada, California and New Mexico, have
never been sold or for sale, nor will be. We activists were issued their permits allowing
nonviolent entry, use and exit from the Nuclear Test Site so intimidatingly patrolled by
local county sheriff officials and the Wakenhuts security personnel in their camouflaged
T-shirts. In our repeated contacts at The Line painted across the entry road -- it used to be
a cattleguard -- we met with stony leg-spread silence to the poignant Native American
review of exploitations. Eventually we dialogued, and sympathized with these officials
"just doing their job". But it has recalled the Nuremberg Court decisions and My Lai
issues. Just what IS "policy"? and where? John, the poet, cites a hairy man who appeared
at a previous Desert Experience and left the statement: The taking of land is an act of war.
I've long been the Grand Rapids coordinator of Don't Waste Michigan, the totally volunteer
group of activists so knowledgeable and concerned about the massive irreversible nuclear
impacts on our irreplaceable Earth home, and our state and our family, Michigan being
downwind of over 1,000 continuing nuclear tests as well as inevitable world-wide
distribution of Hiroshima, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, Sellafield and other daily routine or
accidental radioactive releases. Fifty years ago, the standard of natural radiation from the
sun and cosmos was set at 100 millirems each year. It has now tripled. No one know full
human or environmental effects over short or long terms, especially since radioactivity is
cumulative with half-lives into 4.5 billion years for super deadly plutonium. Serious studies
keep adding to in health effects, indicating the need for the Precautionary Principle : If it
repeatedly seems wrong, don't do it. Wisdom from intercultural and inter-age fonts has
come during this modern day pilgrimage. Seeing and absorbing the vast geographic
resources of this unique nation reawakens the treasures of Michigan's green lands and blue
waters, of mid-America's wide farmlands, of Rocky Mountain geologies and beauties of
the Grand Canyon, ancient and now., appreciation of the interconnections and human
benefits of it all. The Mother Earth focus against heinous nuclear developments cannot be
denied or evaded by any of us in the dying Nuclear Age. We have been deprived of our
faith in Science to find answers, and more, urgently aware of the responsibilities of our
scientists, our politicians and ourselves to make meaningful and long-term decisions
whatever our potential options. We Elders, respected highly in the Native American daily
practices, must apply our wisdom to support our young people in their very real fears for
the world of their children -- radioactively and toward growing in all the more joyful
traditional ways. The Shundahai Network, in Western Shoshone meaning Peace and
Harmony with All Creation, dedicated to breaking the nuclear chain, presents us with the
following guidance: No mining! No testing! No production! No dumping! No nukes! Over
six tons of nuclear waste produced daily in the U.S. alone: Solution: Safe nuclear waste
disposal is a myth; stop nuclear waste production. After 1,000+ nuclear explosions, the
nuclear weapons programs continue to desecrate Newe Sogobia (Western Shoshone land)
Solution: Shut the Test Site down; honor the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley. Over 2,046
nuclear "test" explosions globally endanger All Life Solution: Support the Comprehensive
Test Ban Treat and Nuclear Abolition movement. My current letter to the President of the
United States is another outgrowth of the Pilgrimage: Dear Mr. President, Peacist, It
seems your advisors are not covering nuclear issues properly for you. As a retired teacher
and now full-time activist on behalf of my 4 precious grandkids, I beg to inform you of
some of the fuller issues: 1. Nuclear is pronounced nu kle ar, not nu ku lar, a common
mistake many make about the mysterious complex subject. 2. Nuclear ANY[underlined, as
are all capitalized terms] thing is deadly dangerous and LASTS FOREVERMORE.
Nuclear bombs, nuclear power, etc. etc. even the mere 1 + or - % of nuclear used as
healing medicine lasts from short seconds to "daughters" that can last millions of years --
so nuclear uses cannot be done widely nor nonurgently. 3. Being invisible and
undetectable to humans, nuclear radioactivity is a nightmare of INvoluntary exposure to
life-long sickness and/or death to ALL of us and to our unborn grandchildren, and theirs,
and theirs... Solid Science shows EVERY COUNTY of this nation already building up the
accumulation of hazard already know to cause cancers, heart and breathing problems,
birth defects, etc.-- in fact, 1.3 Billion victims so far (TALK with Dr. Rosalie Bertell and
John Gofman and the Union of Concerned Scientists, etc. etc.) ! 4. What about the fallout
and radioactive waste? NO ONE knows what to do with it! (STOP MAKING IT !!) It
cannot be buried safely. It cannot be transported safely. It cannot be guarded safely. It
cannot be used safely (see MOX and DU and food irradiation) (ASK Hibakusha and
Chernobyl parents and Downwinders at St. George Utah and Paducah Kentucky) Mr.
President, nuclear is both premature and obsolete technology. Wise true science will not
spend billions of taxpayer dollars on it, for Earth OR Space, in this century, or perhaps this
millennium. Please lead us in that wisdom. Onward (?!) -- adelante/allons in peacism --
heiwa/salam/mir (in Russian) Corinne Carey and/for Mike, Megan, Brandon and Lynda
© Corinne Carey

Dear Folks, 
I just returned home after my Three week Peace Pilgrimage with two other Peace Actionists
from Michigan, Coreen Carey and Kathyrn Barnes. Our Peace Mission is complete and
full of many successful Peace Missions, I will be sharing with you in upcoming gatherings,
stories and sharings. Suffice it to say I have put my feet down on Iowa ground and the
landing has been quite gentle, radiant, Beautiful and Vibrant, currently I am unpacking and
integrating the Re-entry process from theses Peace Passages about Planet Earth. We have
a new Birthing to report that will greatly facilitate our growth and learning curve about
Peace. In a Dream I had today upon Return, it came out as Revealed, Amazing Grace, so
that Vision is a Grace and has taken up Residence and resonance. A vast opening of the
Intuitional Field has occurred and Divine Feminine is Freely Sharing her Grace as fruitage
of the Peace Pilgrimage trek we collectively have undertaken. Good News Dear Brothers
and Sisters, America! is in much better shape and Spirit than you're hearing about on
your local and national TV and Radio news. Just know that your Countryfolk are alert,
aware, sharing, concerned about these issues raised on this Peace Pilgrimage and are in
Harmony with our Peace Message overwhelmingly. These primary issues are stopping
sub-critical plutonium trigger underground testing at the Nevada Test Site, which is
preparation for Star Wars, enforcement of the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863 of the
Western Shoshone Nation and cessation of all planning, research, development and
deployment of trucking radioactive waste from all the nuclear power plants across the
country down the primary interstates 70, 80 and 90, the main highways across
American!, literally America's Mainstreet out to be shoved into Yucca Mountain in
Newe Segobia (Western Nevada on Western Shoshone Land) which is also a Sacred Site
to the Western Shoshone and known to be sitting on top of an earthquake fault. These
serious concerns are shared by all your countryfolk all across America!, NO ONE
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. Much more to come in the weeks and months to follow
Dear Sisters and Brothers of WEE the Commonfolk, I just want to share my personal
gratitude and thanks to each and everyone of you who helped to support this Peace
Pilgrimage monetarily, in Spirit, in Support, in Kind and All Other Ways, A Heartfelt Deep
Thankyou, you are all Richly Blessed and Beloved, Peace Out, Love and Warmth, John 
©John Shumaker

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